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The Loan Modification ReadyApp Software & Guidebook

A sample of the invaluable information you will receive:

With the simple, easy to follow Step by Step instructions, you can prepare an accurate, complete and professional loan modification application. Save your home and learn how you can get your lender to modify your loan payment into something affordable.

You will discover:

  • All about loan modification programs & loan workout options
  • Why your lender will agree to modify your loan
  • Glossary of terms you need to know
  • How to put together a workable budget
  • Debt ratio- how to calculate yours so you qualify
  • Help to determine your new home loan payment goal
  • Step by step directions on completing the required forms
  • How to put it all together for a professional modification
  • What to do after you submit your loan modification to make sure you get results QUICKLY
  • The reason most loan modifications are TURNED DOWN
  • Insider tips and negotiating secrets that will give you the advantage
  • Your legal rights and how to get your lenders attention
  • Helpful websites and professional assistance

You Receive:

  • Document Checklist
  • Stacking Order
  • Submission/Fax sheet
  • Borrower information statement
  • Current Financial Statement
  • Proposed Financial Statement
  • Letter of Hardship Help - Outline
  • Hardship Letter Sample
  • Telephone, fax & contact log sheet
  • Qualified Written Request Instructions

You will be guided step by step through the forms, given detailed directions on how to complete them properly and guided helpfully through the process. Thousands of homeowners have gotten the information they need to fix their loan and save their home-you can too!