Do It Yourself Loan Modification Program

UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Loan Modification Kit includes:

  • Understanding the Loan Modification Requirements
  • Loan Modification Software
  • Complete Loan Modification Assistance Package
  • Live Loan Modification Help Line
  • Mortgage Relief Insider Tips

Plans starting as low as $295.00 $195.00*
*(this is a limited time offer available only to new subscribers)

  • It's the best way to avoid foreclosure
  • You get to keep your home
  • Average savings of $500 monthly
  • Easy to qualify
  • Lock in the lowest interest rates
  • No credit check required
  • Preserves your credit score

BONUS included with all orders - New ReadyApp Online!

Significantly increase your chance of loan modification approval!

ReadyApp AUTOMATICALLY calculates:

  • Loan to Value
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio
  • 31% to 38% Target Payment
  • Disposable Income
  • Assets
  • Market Analysis
  • Imminent Risk of Default
  • Your NEW interest rate and loan term
  • Potential principal forgiveness

Reviews from some recent customers:

Steven J.
My experience with Docs Genie has been absolutely fantastic! The process took time, most of which was me gathering my documentation and putting together my portfolio. Over time we were able to negotiate a modification, and now I am paying $1076.95. That saves me and my family over $557 a month, a savings of almost $7,000 a year. My interest rate also was lowered from 6.75% to 2.00% for the first 5 years and fixed to 4.625% by year 8! Now I don't need a financial calculator to know that over the length of my loan, Docs Genie saved me tens of thousands of dollars.